Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary - on this day 28 years ago we were wed in Rotorua at St Micheal's Catholic Church. We are enjoying a quiet day at home - sat by the fire - Darling Man with the Saturday papers and me with a copy of 'Inside Stories - A History of the NZ Housewife 1890 - 1975' by Frances Walsh - reading interspersed with knitting Kaedin's little jacket. In my book I read some interesting statistics 1930 one divorce for every 18 marriages, 1965 one divorce for every 12 marriages and 1975 Approximately 1 divorce for every 4 marriages.

One can't help reflect on why ours has lasted so long... I think it is mostly by God's grace. God has been our place of safety and He has strengthened and helped us through many a troubled time. We have been committed to each other no matter what and have decided that it's important for us to stay together because of our commitment to God and for the sake of our children. One of the girls wrote in an anniversary card - 'You two are a shining example of love through difficult times, of enjoying and appreciating each other in everyday moments' and another in a text - 'Thank you so much for the fantastic example you show us.'

There is no sense of pride in all this - we know as well as the next couple that marriage can be a treacherous and difficult thing to navigate at times - full of potential pitfalls. All I can say is thank you God for these years you have given us and thank you for your generous and forgiving love shed abroad in our hearts to share with others. First and foremost with our nearest and dearest.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


A week ago we became grandparents which has just got to be one of life's most delicious pleasures! Kaedin James van der Poel is wrapped in his blankie that I spent countless pleasant hours knitting - lots of love and prayers going into it as I stitched. It is 4 ply merino and Amy tells me it is really good because it is soft and fine enough to stay firmly wrapped around him, keeping him cosy without getting all bunched up.

This morning we have enjoyed a slow start - the weather isn't much good for anything else and whilst sat up in bed I had some un-knitting to do. I am now making Kaedin a little Merino Cashmere jacket that will fit him next winter - but I somehow got out of step with the moss stitch while knitting and chatting to my friend last night - hence the rescue mission this morning! Moss stitch has a certain pleasant, mesmerizing rhythm about it which has you hiking along.... however woe betide any wee lapse in concentration and one stitch out and you're done for!

We have had a very busy few months and a feast of family occasions, a lovely engagement party for Steven and Amy, a happy, happy wedding day for Davieth and Annah, my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations and this new arrival! But wait there's more... we have another grandchild expected in December so we are feeling very blessed and our hearts are overflowing and fit to burst with thankfulness.
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