Tuesday, July 10, 2012

London Hospitality

To celebrate Mothers Day our Erica took me to Jamies Italian - it was my choice and it was certainly something different. Darling Man and I have watched quite a few of Jamie's TV 30 minute meal sessions and have been impressed with his 'styles' so I thought it would be cool to go to one of his resturants since we were in London after all!
We had a really special evening together - what could be better than quality time with one of my favourite wise women in this world!!!
It was very lovely - lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!
However the food was very average - but we were so caught up with enjoying each others company that we didn't even mention it for ages..... nor did it even matter in the grand scheme!
Some of the best food we ate in London was at Erica and Dean's flat. These Red Velvet Cupcakes were amazing. Not just because they were tasty but because a whole lot of effort and love went into them due to the fact that the oven in their flat needs some careful managing to say the least! I particularly admired Erica's determination to make delicious things for us to eat while we were at their house. It was important for her to have us sat around their table eating food that she herself had prepared for us.
We were treated to these gorgeous tarts at Erica's friend's nursing home accomodation - baked in a communal kitchen specially for us to enjoy with our afternoon cuppa.
 Again extra tasty and enjoyable because of the thoughtfulness of that hospitable act.
One of the most hospitable people I know is our dear friend Keriata - in the terms of hospitality being about love and acceptance and making each person feel like the most special person in the world - she was an expert. Sadly she passed away at the weekend in London after a period of illness. I bumped into a mutual friend today and she said - even though we all knew the end was near - now that she is gone it feels like the world is an emptier place somehow. It is very difficult to believe that a person so vibrant and full of  life and love could gradually slip away from us as she has.
We certainly enjoyed Ewan & Keriata's loving hopsitality on a number of occasions when we have visited with them in London - now precious memories to cherish and a sterling example to follow.
Hospitality I think is about welcome, refreshment, sharing, acceptance and love..... we have been delighted to discover on many and varied occasions that London is a very hospitable place!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soup Weather

Where else in the world upon first stop at lunch cafe after arrival would you find 4 soups on the menu? Ireland of course. Maybe it's because they often have 'soup weather' over there! I chose Chicken and Broccoli and it was delicious.
The breads were amazing too - actually the food in general in Ireland was exceptional and the people very friendly and hospitable.
Travel can really inspire one to launch into creating new dishes once one returns home. After tasting a couple of really decent chowders in warm, cosy cafes in Ireland... and believe me they are a haven... Darling Man decided on return home that he would give it a whirl.
His Chowder is in fact way better than anything I tasted in Ireland. Since we have been having a bit of 'soup weather' ourselves it has been the perfect lunch and dinner (until it runs out) meal. Home is a pretty cosy haven to retreat to when husband on holiday has time to learn to make chowder!
P.S. His imminent return to work will see me back in the kitchen... sigh....
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