Saturday, December 1, 2012


This was one happy reunion - Auntie Erica meeting her two lil nephews and one lil neice for the first time in the flesh. Of course due to the wonders of modern technology especially via skye she was previously able to connect in an 'of sorts' kind of way. Other regular up-dates gladly gobbled up via facebook, emailed photos and video clips... However nothing quite matches the skin on skin, touch and smell and kiss connection that she has been enjoying over the last month with these darling lil people. We have all loved having our Erica home a month early from London for some beautiful, quality time together - the four sisters have been hanging out together heaps too of course!

Her next happy reunion will be with her husband Dean when they meet up in Brisbane when we all gather for Amy & Steven's wedding - a happy union that will take place in Noosa on 12 12 12. Another happy reunion for us will be with our sisters - Pete will be joined by two of his sisters in Noosa for the wedding - one who lives in Australia who is also looking forward to meeting her great nephews and niece for the first time. My sister from France too will be there for a reunion with us all - especially lovely for her to see our Dad and Mum for the first time in ages... along with the first meeting of her great nephews and niece.... her nieces and their partners for the first time in a while... her first attendance at one of our family weddings - oh this is such a tangle of multiple reunions that I am quite losing count!

Life is made up of a series of hellos and goodbyes, arrivals and departures, welcoming and farewelling.... it is the mixture of joy n sadness and longing n full-heartedness that make it such a full and rich experience. In a weeks time I am anticipating a heart so full it may just burst!
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