Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Bouquets are the loveliest things! Especially the impromptu kind like this one created for me by one of our daughters on our family weekend at the beach. Such a sweet girl! When you are a Mummy you tend to get given lots of little bouquets gathered together in a chubby, grubby hand but it is extra nice when they still do it even though they are all grown up!

My Darling Man is not really the flower buying kind - however on the odd occasion when he does I am really chuffed! The other day I asked him to get me some parsley from the garden to chop and sprinkle in our hot, butter-y new potatoes. He presented it to me in bouquet fashion which rather appealed to me. I said, "Oh darling you have brought me flowers!" He is a kind and thoughtful man who gives me many 'bouquets' of thoughtfulness and words of appreciation which mean a lot more to me than a florist-bought bouquet anyway!

I think bouquets are any kind of little thoughtfulness-es that spur us on and lift our spirits. Like when Darling Man says, "Thank you so much for doing my washing." I have been doing his washing for years now but I do like that he still regularly shows his appreciation for that.

Our little niece gave me a bouquet when we were with them at New Year. It was a single rose that we wrapped carefully in damp tissue and foil so that I could transport it back to my house and pop it in a vase. It didn't stay fresh for long in these hot summer temperatures but it has 'aged' in the most charming way so my 'antique' rose is still on my window sill for me to enjoy long after it was given to me.
Today I have been working on our daughter's wedding dress and have finally stitched the last stitch and it's all ready for one final fitting. I then firmly stitched the teeny wee bouquet back on my, freshly washed, old blue garter so she can wear it on her wedding day too! I will always treasure the time spent with her as we have worked on her dress together. Beautiful, darling girl!

Monday, January 3, 2011


A deeply soothing quiet descended upon us shortly after we arrived at Welcome Bay. The empty home of our relatives welcomed and embraced our weary souls and invited us to rest. Darling Man's sister and hubby were away off up the coast on their yacht and offered us their place to stay in. Have you ever stepped into someone else's home when they are absent? Quite nice - it's like they are there but not - there is this familial comfort and connection - an 'at home-ness' but away from home. After the busy-ness of Christmas and the rush of the lead up to it - we enjoyed crashing with books, magnificent harbour views and food when we felt like it.... and quiet.

Even our little dog reclined on the sun lounger and rested up too!
Quiet is good for our souls for sure - we never turned the TV or radio on once while we were there and we didn't miss it. We have returned home and canceled SKY TV and are hoping to bring a little more quiet into our daily lives by removing some of the 'over-stimulation' factor.

Perhaps a home needs a quiet room like this one at 'The Mission' in Hawkes Bay that we visited last year with my parents....

I hope you have enjoyed some peace and quiet over the Christmas / New Year Break as well.
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