Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am particularly drawn to old things that look like they might have a story. We found this old stool covered with layers of paint at our local 'transfer station'. In reality - 'we found it at the local dump shop'. By design it looks like an 'old school', serviceable piece of everyday, domestic furniture. It has a handle-hole on the seat so that kinda makes it a portable and multi-tasking thing.

Practical. Useful. Sturdy.

The layers of paint interest me - each coat at some stage giving it a new lease of life. I wonder how many different places it has lived and given domestic service. I have now sanded it back a bit here and there, letting the evidence of it's own natural wear and tear be my guide. Then I gave it a thin, wispy coat of varnish and now it sits in my 'special room' with my bits and pieces upon it. I love old things because they have a life and a story.

They are especially precious if they are part of your own story - like a wooden high-chair in our back shed. It needs some restorative work but I have my eye on it for our little grandchildren to sit in when that time comes along. My 3 sisters and I have all sat in that highchair, our own four girls too and who knows how many other dear, little cherubs along the way. It needs a bit of mending but it's still sturdy and capable of another round of Farex and baby veges I'm sure!

What favorite things do you have in your home that are old, but restored to domestic service by a little tender loving care?
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