Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Girls

'The girls' - now that is something I am much more used to saying with four daughters of our own! Marni Rose Elizabeth van der Poel was added to our family on 2 May - she is our fourth grandchild within less than two years! What a fabulous family time we have been having with all these new arrivals. Lola is pictured here with Marni - she's looking pretty coy about her new cousin - and is being beautifully gentle with her. I am sure they will almost be like sisters since the cousins all live nearby to each other.

Today I have been knitting a cardy for Lola and I am within a bull's roar of finishing it however I am stuck - when I read the pattern I 'sort of' know what to do but I lack the courage to actually do it as I fear ending up with a mess that may be hard to resolve... having put a lot of love and time into it I think I will wait until I can ask my friend Julie at the wool shop who will certainly know what to do!

However the pressure is off a bit as Lola is currently wearing a cardy that I knitted a few years ago - it was meant to be for my niece Lili who lives in France but as it unfolded I knew it was going to be too small for her so I finished it anyway. Annah popped in and laid eyes on it way back then and claimed it for her own - and now she has pulled it out of storage for her lovely little girl and it suits her so well! I am rapt to see it in use after all this time. Little did I know....

Lola is the big girl now so when Marni was born Annah passed on to Amy a beautiful little outfit that my Mum knitted for Lola when she was born - Amy loved it so much that she put it on Marni for her new-born photo shoot. Here she is at just 3 days old!

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