Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nature's Colours

Absolutely struck with the intensity of colour while skinning these babies! I was going to pickle them but decided to poach instead. While lounging in bed with the Saturday paper I found a recipe for doing just that! I am midway through the task but am very taken with the skinning thing - so easy - they are normally beasts to peel. This also enables one to utilize the maximum amount of the actual fruit. All good!

Back to the colour - I just love nature's colours and I really like the underside of the skin that is orange that is almost pink. My bench was a mess - littered at the time with a layering of kitchen tasks at varying stages so the fruit got plonked on this 70's plate that I hurriedly rinsed cause it was handy! The fruit and the plate compliment each other don't you think.

Darling Man planted out our new Tamarillo tree only this season after nurturing it along in a pot for a while - he so has the magic touch with growing things. It did however fall foul to a frost just at what seemed to be the very worst time hence our first harvest was minimal. So I do hope we can at least get a delicious dessert or two. Tamarillo sponge pudding and French Vanilla ice cream maybe...

This has been a very special week as our fifth grandchild has arrived - Lincoln George William Young turned up at 8.02 on Tuesday morning. A brother for Floyd and a second son for Paul and Sarah-Jane who are just thrilled with their two little boys!

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  1. Sponge pud... YUM!!! So simple but so delicious with in season fruit! Thanks for the reminder Ma. SJ x


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