Monday, March 28, 2016

An Important PS

Before Christmas our girls and I had dinner out. Well it was a 'meeting' really, actually a planning meeting to decide who was bringing what for our family Christmas lunch. Some of our guys wondered why it couldn't have been done by email. However it was a nice time out together minus men and children and plan we did! That is in amongst the chat and catch up and laughing about memories we shared. Actually sometimes I hear stories about their childhood and teenage years that I have never heard before and that is very interesting!

Our planning did the trick because Christmas food went extremely well this year. No double ups, not toooo much of an excess of food and everyone contributed their thing that they really like to make and were good at. There was so many yummy things to eat, it seemed to me that everyone put their best foot forward and brought along beautiful offerings to share. My parents and sister spent Christmas with us too and we all enjoyed my Mum's amazing meringues!

This blog and soon to be book celebrates those who have now gone before us, it includes some old family recipes and some stories to go with. Some of my favorites are featured as well. Darling Man felt I should end this book by honouring our girls and their quite considerable skills in the kitchen, their love for their families and their enjoyment in sharing food with their friends and wider whanau. This is our family heritage that they are now passing on to their children, nieces and nephews. Dad and I are very proud of you girls and the home lives you have created for your loved ones.

Our dear little Grandies taken on Christmas Day 2016 at Amy & Steven's home at Honikiwi.

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