Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cause to Pause

I have had an enjoyable time reading through my blog with the primary purpose being to edit it (very slightly) so it can be made into a book. I want it as a keepsake as it contains so many family stories and documents a precious time in our lives.

However I need to bring it all up-to-date family-wise before I click PRINT. In February we had a really fun family holiday at Long Bay, Coromandel. We are now quite a big crew when we gather, seventeen of us in fact. Sometimes Pete and I marvel at what we have started and we also feel thankful to God for blessing us with our lovely family. The above photo is taken at Long Bay when six of the Grandies visited us for a little early morning hello, Jimmy the baby dropped by a little later.

So since my last post we have added Moby born to Annah & Davieth in Aug 2014....

 And Jimmy born to Amy & Steven in July 2015.

And since Lincoln - born in Sep 2013 to Sarah-Jane & Paul - has not yet been pictured on the blog - let's have him too! He has his 'gobbles' on.

When I look back over my blog posts and see some of the projects I undertook I recognise at least one that lies unfinished in a basket. It is an 'unlikely to be finished' heap of half knitted chunky pink wool! It did not work out at all how I envisioned. Some projects mentioned were more successful than others.

My cause to pause is to accept that this is actually what life is like for all of us - relational life, family life, work life, leisure and pleasure. What sometimes begins full of hope and enthusiasm does not always turn out how we would like. Other things that begin as something small and inconsequential gather momentum and end up as our proudest moments.

I also want to pause and thank those of you who have honoured me by reading my blog posts, by commenting and by encouraging me. I am glad to have shared this period of my life with you.


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